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Welcome to Sagelight Editor


Sagelight was designed from scratch for the new digital age, making editing easy and intuitive. Sagelight lets you experiment and get results easily without having to know anything about image editing. Sagelight is great for the beginner.

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Welcome to Sagelight Editor


Sagelight has state-of-the art technology and whole lot of new technology that lets you get the same results as expensive editors, but with a lot less work (and cost). Sagelight is great for the hobbyist.
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Welcome to Sagelight Editor


We've developed a lot of new technology for Sagelight that makes editing easy while keeping it simple and fast.

Sagelight was written from scratch to take advantage of the speed and power of modern-day computers, as well as the specific needs of digital cameras. Click here for more info.

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Welcome to Sagelight Editor


Realtime results. Sagelight was written from scratch, with core code written in SSE and MMX assembly language. This means that Sagelight is extremely fast and responsive.

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Welcome to Sagelight Editor


In addition to exceptional speed, Sagelight also handles RAW files, highlight reduction, native 16-bits per-channel, Dynamic Masking, Smart Light, Photo Filter/Gradient, LAB/HSL functions, and many other advanced features not found in other editors.

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Welcome to Sagelight Editor

Low Cost.

Sagelight is a low-cost alternative to other high-end, expensive editors. Many people compare Sagelight to Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Elements.

We purposely try to keep the cost of Sagelight down so that everyone can enjoy image editing without spending a lot of money.

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Advanced Noise Reduction Released.
Advanced, fast, state-of-the-art, Wavelet-Based Noise Reduction now in Sagelight.

Introduction to Sagelight Bokeh & Lens Blur (+video)

Interactive Quick-Reference Help in Sagelight

(place mouse over each image for examples created using Sagelight in just a couple minutes each)

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It really is this easy to enhance your images in Sagelight.
(This video  was created with Sagelight 2.0.
The current release is Sagelight 4.2)
30-Second Video

Press the play button and watch Sagelight easily transform a dull and lifeless picture into a vibrant and colorful image.

In less than 30 seconds.

Want to see more Sagelight Editor videos? Click here for the Sagelight Editor YouTube page, featuring over 30 HD video examples and tutorials.

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Sagelight has become very powerful over the last year, and Sagelight is currently being split into two versions, Sagelight Standard and Sagelight Enthusiast/Pro. The split is not ready yet, and the current version, Sagelight Engthusiast/Pro reflects the Standard pricing to come.

Also, this is a great way to introduce Sagelight. Until the standard version is ready, you can get Sagelight Version 4, 5, 6.. and beyond, including Bokeh Lens/Blur, Light Blender, Smart Curves, extremely fast SSE2 Code, advanced masking, and more for a one-time purchase.

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